Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sasha Grey Of aTelecine

Actress/former porn star Sasha Grey (The Girlfriend Experience, "Entourage") is also a member of the experimental goth band aTelecine. That band has released two full-length albums and a 7", which have been collected on the digital releases A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase Three) and A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase Two), out tomorrow on Pendu. In July, aTelecine plan to release the new album The Falcon and the Pod, the first in a trilogy of albums.
Above, stream the murky, discordant, entirely unsexy Cassette Tape Culture tracks "Carry" and "Water (Tape Mix)". And below, watch a mysterious 30-second teaser video for The Falcon and the Pod and check out the tracklists for both Cassette Tape Culture collections. (((sourcelink)))
There's something inherently intriguing about an artist that crosses over to other mediums, and Sasha Grey fronted three-piece aTelecine is no exception. Collaborating with musician Pablo St. Francis and poet Anthony Djuan, Grey puts her industrial pedigree to work while citing totally legit influences like Throbbing GristleKMFDM, and Sisters of Mercy. What seperates aTelecine from adult stars who have tried to make a quick buck off of music in the past like Traci Lords, Andrea True, Ron Jeremy, or Ike Reiko, is genuine intent to make something challenging, artistic, and outside of the pop vernacular. --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones

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